Your Personal Engineering Consultant

Fairview’s engineering team become your consulting partners. We review your Technical Data Package and work with you every step of the way to ensure that your product will meet every specification. Because it’s not enough for us to make perfect parts – we want them to work perfectly with your applications.  

Our engineers review everything you want to include in your schema – blueprints, CAD, product definitions, research, even rough sketches. We determine what you want to build, what it will interact with, and what will give you maximum performance. We will advise you on materials: the best quality and the most cost effective.  

CNC Milling

CNC Turning

Wire EDM



Quality Control

Our Manufacturing Process

As your product moves through our state-of-the-art facility, Quality Control reviews and inspects all operations. We routinely maintain tolerances within a few ten-thousandths of an inch in both prototype and final production.  

Fairview builds, maintains and customizes tools to meet the demands of all of our customers with our in-house, full-service tool room. We never have to wait for a tool to be delivered!  

Fairview practices the Lean Manufacturing model, guaranteeing error reduction through smart planning and elegant process. In addition to machining and assembly, we also provide the following value-added services: 

  • Sub-tier supply chain and logistics management  
  • Kitting of part families and data to streamline customer processing  
  • Implementation of industry-standard design, workflow, and management technologies like Solidworks, CAMWorks, Pro/Engineering, Kanban Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions, and InspectionXpert 

We learned a long time ago that every customer has unique and specific needs. So Fairview engineers put in the time and effort necessary to understand these needs and establish a plan to ensure that we deliver the service, quality and ultimate value that will keep our customers coming back.

Other suppliers promise the world – we deliver. 

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