What is Deburring?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) deburring is a process used to remove burrs, or rough edges, from the surface of a workpiece that has been machined using a CNC machine. CNC deburring can be done manually or automatically using specialized equipment. Manual CNC deburring involves using hand tools, such as deburring brushes or files, to remove burrs from the surface of the workpiece. This method is often used for small batches or for deburring complex shapes that cannot be easily reached with automated equipment.

Automated CNC Deburring

Automated CNC deburring, on the other hand, uses specialized deburring machines or robots to remove burrs from the workpiece. These machines typically use a combination of tools, such as grinding wheels, abrasive belts, or brushes, to remove burrs. Automated CNC deburring is often used for high-volume production runs, as it is faster and more consistent than manual deburring.

The Importance of Deburring

CNC deburring is important because burrs can affect the performance and appearance of a workpiece. Burrs can cause issues with fit and function, and they can also be sharp and potentially dangerous. Removing burrs helps to ensure that the workpiece meets quality standards and is safe to use.

Attention to Detail

At Fairview we know deburring is as important a process as the machining itself. For the highest precision, attention to detail and accuracy must be applied from the start of a job to its completion. That’s why we have 30X Power Magnification Microscopes at every deburring station, along with trained employees skilled in micro deburring.

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